Public Poop

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I never thought that I would be one of those people who pooped on myself but I was that day. Yesterday, I went to an outlet mall to eat a japanese hibachi restaurant for my aunt’s birthday. I was so excited because I love their fried rice and cause I would get to spend time with my family. After eating at the restaurant, my aunt and her two children decide to go shopping with my mom and me. We all piled up in my mom’s car and as soon as that happened, my stomach began to cramp. Now, I’m not one to associate cramping with pooping because pooping doesn’t relieve my stomach aches, but I would soon come to find out that that logic isn’t always to true. So, we drive around to another section of the mall and get out. My girl cousin and I go to a shoe store while my mom, boy cousin, and aunt go to another one! . While in the store, I realized that I had to go but that I could hold it. Wrong. We soon exited that store and went into another and after a couple of minutes, I realized that I could not hold this one. I told my cousin that I would be back and left the store. I proceeded to call my mother to tell her that she needs to take me home but then I realized I couldn’t wait for that since we lived thirty minutes away. As I’m walking to where my mom was, she comes out the store she was in and heads for me. I told her that I think I have diarrhea so she says let me take you to Macy’s which was only a few steps away. My little boy cousin wants to come with us but I tell him no go with your mom in a forceful tone that I had never heard myself use. As we are walking quickly to Macy’s, I feel the poop starting to slip it’s way out. I told my mom, “Oh my God, Mom. It’s coming out.” And then she made this frowny face and said, “Yeah and it stinks.” (Thanks mom for ma! king me feel better haha.) Anyways, it starts coming out in my! pants a nd I feel it trickling down my legs in my jean capris. So I decide to use my sweater to cover my accident since we were still in public. I was so embarassed! We get to Macy’s and walk to the bathroom where I let it all out. I immediately sat down on the toilet seat without a seat cover which is something I do NOT do. I do NOT poop anywhere else other than my house. I can’t even poop over my family’s or friends houses but I was so desperate at this point and had no other choice. It was so disgusting it looked like brown oatmeal in my pants and panties.Luckily, my mom had the brilliant idea of buying me new panties and pants in the store which allowed me to save face in front of my family. So while she shopped, I wiped myself off as best as I could and cleaned up the little spots I found on the toilet. Also, there was air freshner laying out in the bathroom which was super convenient. It took three washes to get the stinky smell and out my clothes and I took a long bath that! night.

Originally posted 2011-08-26 03:35:39.

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